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"Touching Hearts and Developing Minds"

All children are created in the image of God and placed on earth to serve God and man.  Christian schools recognize the true nature and purpose of man.  No child shall be denied entrance on the basis of race, national origin, sex or color.

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New STEM Program

Words To Live By

May 14th, 2014


Your schedule is never too busy to share these 20 sentiments — and the intentions behind them — with your life's most precious gift. We swear it will only take a minute of your time to pour goodness into your children with these words.


At THCD, we understand the tremendous trust you impart in us when you enroll your child with us. This is why we commit ourselves daily to being "the best we can be" in providing your child with a secure, comfortable and happy home-away-from-home setting.  Also the best education as possible.

Child Care & Pre-school - Kindergarten- 5th Grade (upcoming)

A reading program that meets on Saturday's to work with and nurture reading dissabilities.  The program is designed to get students reading on or above their grade level.


A health, mentoring, tutoring, training and referral program designed to serve at-risk families throughout Stafford, VA.​

Reading Difficulties
Self-confident kids we can all learn from

 June 12, 2014

Kids are amazing creatures. In most instances, they have this amazing ability to not take themselves or anyone else too seriously. The result of that phenomenon is uncontrollable self-confidence.

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