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Touch Hearts Christian School is a Christian owned and operated organization.  The organization is designed to educate the children of Christian parents.  It is not a part of any denomination.  Touch Hearts uses the following foundation upon which the organization is operated:

  • The basis of all meaningful life is the believe in God and Jesus Christ as the only way to personal salvation.

  • The Bible is the only inspired, inerrant, authoritative Word of God.

  • The Bible is the main avenue by which we can come to know God and His rule for our lives.

  • We need this Word in order to correctly understand God's general revelation which includes creation and life around us.  All of life needs to be interpreted in the light of God's Word.

  • Christian education's aim is to relate the Christian faith and Biblical teachings directly to all of knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge in daily life, physical, spiritual, emotional and social growth (Luke 2:52).

  • The primary authority and responsibility of educating children rests with the parents (Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians 6).  The authority of the teacher in discipline and character training is derived from the fact that he stands in loco parentis, and the teacher derives authority in subject matter from faithfulness to the laws of God in special and general revelation.

  • The Christian community is responsible for supporting and encouraging Christian education for its children.  It is because of these principles that Touch Hearts Christian School was established.  It is the schools desire to provide a high quality Christian education for children from Christian homes.

Touch Hearts Center for Development is also doing business as Jacob's Ladder.  Jacob's Ladder is a non-denominational inter faith, faith based organization that through their collective efforts, help people learn the skills to become self-reliant and independent.  They seek to identify, encourage, empower and guide individuals and families along a path to self reliance and independence. 

Jacob's Ladder operates under 501c3 26-1971118.

To learn more about Jacob's Ladder, click here.

Our Teachers 

Mrs. Mayella Smith- Lead Infant teacher she has over 15 years experience in early childhood development. She is First-Aid & CPR certified.

Elder Tina Foster- Lead Toddler Teacher . She has over 25 years experience in teaching special needs education in the public school system. Mrs. Foster holds a Master Degree in Christian Education. She is MAT trained, First aid & CPR certified

She is also certified in daily assessment screening.Mrs. Foster is  Food Handlers certified. 


Ms. Jeannette Bignotti - Lead 3's teacher, She has over 15 years experience in early childhood development. She is first aid & CPR certified. She is medication administration certified. 

Mrs. Lisa Lacey-Bronson-Lead Pre-K teacher she has over 15 years experience in early childhood development. She is First aid &CPR certified. She is MAT trained. She is working on getting her CDA. .

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create and provide a safe, loving, fun, learning evnviornment that caters to the community. 

Our Team

Dr. Frank Lacey


Apostle Lacey is the overseer and visionary of Touch Hearts Christian Center. He has a  Doctorate degree in Christian Education. Apostle Lacey is MAT trained, First aid & CPR certified. He also is certified in daily  health assessment screenings and food handlers certified.  

Brenda Lacey


Mrs. Lacey is the Pastor of Touch Hearts Christian Center. She has a Bachelor's degree in Biblical studies. She is MAT trained, First Aid & CPR certified . Mrs. Lacey is certified in daily health assessment screening and food handlers certified.

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